September 28th, 2018, Kantine at Sophiensæle

The open call has closed!


The first edition will include:

Noam Brusilovsky - Paruresis

Laura Genevieve Jones & Alex Linton - Baby Punk ft. Dr. Babuyoka

Janne Nora Kummer & Fee Römer - #20 Shades of Yellow

Emmilou Rößling - Liquid Marble

Emmilou Rößling: Liquid Marble

liquid marble is a spillage of sculpture and dance, melting together in intimate gestures and with unstable boundaries. they swell, shrink, leak, fuse, disintegrate and camouflage each other along the way. it's a bit like with the anglerfish – there is no consistency in form

Von und mit: Emmilou Rößling

Emmilou Rößling ist Choreografin und Performerin. Sie studierte Tanz und Theater in London und Dublin sowie Choreografie in Gießen. Ihre Arbeiten beschäftigen sich mit Fragen zu gängigen Formen der Repräsentation und Wahrnehmung, suchen einen Performance-Modus jenseits des Spektakulären und streben dabei stets nach einer Form der Camouflage.

Noam Brusilovsky: Parusesis

Paruresis describes the inability to urinate in front of others. What makes some people feel ashamed is made exciting for others. A sonic production about stage fright and shy bladders.

Von und mit: Noam Brusilovsky, Lotta Beckers, Magdalena Emmerig, Tobias Purfürst

Noam Brusilovsky studierte Regie an der HfS Ernst Busch und realisiert seine eigene Inszenierungen am Theater und im Hörspiel. “Broken German” (SWR) gewann den deutschen Hörspielpreis der ARD 2017. Seine Solo-Performance “Orchiektomie rechts” wurde zu radikal jung 2018 eingeladen. Tobias Purfürst ist freier Musikproduzent und Klangkünstler. Lotta Beckers studiert Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft in Gießen. Magdalena Emmerig ist Bühnen- und Kostümbildnerin und Teil von THE AGENCY.

Janne Nora Kummer + Fee Römer: #20shadesofyellow

If one knew everything, and always knew everything, if someone knew the minimum number of turns to solve the rubix cube, what would that minimum number be? That’s the divine number, and since 2010, you know that it's 20.

Von und mit: Janne Nora Kummer, Fee Römer, Marilena Büld

Mit Arbeiten von: Alina Weber aka Ali W, Amarnah Ufuoma Osajivbe-Amuludun, Antje Prust, Brenda Green, Chitra Vari, Eva Vuillemin, Finja Messer, h_k_mue - follow me, henri pee, J.M., Jan Koslowski, Johannes Aue, Julez, Lena Fiedler, Lisa Heinrici, Marilena Büld, Mila Martin, Ola B, Sven Björn Popp, Wieland Schönfelder

Eine Produktion von virtuellestheater

Janne Nora Kummer ist Performerin und Regisseurin. In ihren Arbeiten beschäftigt sie sich mit der Verknüpfung von neuen Medien und Performancekunst und untersucht die Auswirkung von Technik und Internet auf Individuum und Gesellschaft. Sie ist Mitglied von virtuellestheater e.V. Derzeit lebt und arbeitet sie in Berlin.

Fee Römer ist Soziologin und Dramaturgin. Als Soziologin arbeitet sie zu Themen der sozialen Ungleichheit. Schwerpunkt ihrer dramaturgischen Arbeit ist eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit gesellschaftlichen Machtstrukturen, und wie diese in performativen Formaten unterwandert werden können.

Laura Genevieve Jones + Alex Linton: Baby Punk ft. Dr. Babuyoka

A collaborative work that explores the performers’ multi-faceted otherness and challenges common preconceptions of what it is to be sick, crip or disabled. Their bodies are POLITICAL, SPIRITUAL, JOYFUL, SEXY and ANGRY.

This work will be performed again on July 6th at nGbK on the opening of COVEN Berlin’s exhibition, Lucky, where Laura will also be exhibiting a new video installation.

Von und mit: Laura Genevieve Jones, Alex Linton

Baby Punk ft. Dr. Babuyoka Laura und Lex haben im August letzten Jahres nach rechts gewischt, seitdem trippen und düsen sie gemeinsam durch Raum und Zeit, beschwören Sprüche und brauen merkwürdige Ideen um Labor. Sie teilen das Interesse für Okkultes, Verschwörungstheorien, komische Geräusche, billiges Essen und das Dong Xuan Center.

Alexander Linton was born in London and based in Berlin, Alexander Linton is a performer and producer. Whilst working as a professional musician, under the project, Lexodus, interest in his composition began to increase and Alexander started producing live music for dance and performance exhibitions.

Laura Genevieve Jones Also known as yonabout, lulika and baby punk, Laura G Jones is a crip artist and researcher. Working predominantly with video, sound and performance, her practice explores themes of gender, sexuality, sickness and performativity in the every day. Originally born in Johannesburg, South Africa, having lived in America and the UK, Laura is now based in Berlin, Germany.

JURY Joy Kristin Kalau, Björn Pätz, Sandra Umathum, Joshua Wicke AUTOR*INNEN Lea Langenfelder, Max Wallenhorst VIDEODOKUMENTATION Diethild Meier
Eine Produktion von björn & björn in Koproduktion mit SOPHIENSÆLE. Gefördert aus Mitteln des Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Medienpartner: taz.die tageszeitung
SEPTEMBER 28, 19.00 Uhr

open call

Dirty Debüt
#2 Clean

Four times throughout the year, Dirty Debüt offers four emerging performance artists a platform to show sketches, unfinished projects, or even dirty works in response to a concrete theme or idea. The performances themselves are then are followed up by a discussions and a feedback session over a shared meal. Each new edition will employ different methods of giving and receiving feedback, which will be led and moderated by changing guests with relevant expertise.

The second edition will take place on September 28th, 2018 at 7 PM in the Kantine at Sophiensæle.

The topic for Dirty Debüt #2 is clean.

Would you like to be one of the artists or groups to show work at Dirty Debüt #2? Then send us a short project proposal related to the topic in German or English (max. 2000 characters) and your resume! Participation is open to anyone who hasn’t shown more that one professionally developed work. We also consider proposals for the further development of a thesis project; proposals made by students will, however, unfortunately not be accepted. For that reason, we also ask you to please send a certificate of exmatriculation as proof that you are no longer studying. For the development of a 20-minute performance, you will receive 2000 € (including any potential expenses for travel, transport and accommodation), as well as an extra 150 € for materials and tech.

Out of the applications submitted, the jury – Björn Pätz, Sandra Umathum, Joshua Wicke and Joy Kristin Kalu from Sophiensæle – will select four drafts that they view as distinct and promising in their artistic approach. We will post the reasons for our selection on the Sophiensæle website and www.dirtydebuet.de, where we will also post recordings of the performances and reports by our two authors.

Dirty Debüt doesn’t only focus on the visibility of performance artists that still fly under the radar of most houses and their visitors. It also highlights the wide range of the whole performance scene: the so-called performance theater; performances in the tradition of body art; and exchange between performance and dance or visual art. Dirty Debüt is a gathering place for a variety of approaches, formats and forms of expression and brings them all together onto one stage.

We look forward to your submissions!
Please send them to apply@dirtydebuet.de

The application deadline is June 23rd, 2018
The decisions will be announced in July.
We will notify the selected artists without delay.

Björn Pätz, Sandra Umathum

Joshua Wicke

Lea Langenfelder, Max Wallenhorst